All great places need a great team. KCA’s staff includes talented folks dedicated to maximizing the homeowner experience in Kirkwood.  The focus is to ensure great experiences that will create lasting memories and promote local community prosperity.

Holly McWilliams, Manager, KCA Recreation Center

Holly is delighted to become the manager of the KCA!  Since 1997, she has been expanding her Kirkwood career and running amuck enjoying snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, and swimming the local lakes and watering holes of the area.  Originally moving to Kirkwood as the assistant manager of the Timber Creek Café, Pizza Restaurant, and Bar, she was the lead server and helped with the opening of The Wall Bar, and then moved into the night auditor’s position for several years so she could snowboard during the day.

To pursue her passion, she moved off the hill to become a sports massage therapist, where she worked through-out California and a summer in Alaska.  In addition, she has been a bartender, worked in medical offices, and managed, coached and played on a national roller derby team- The Sacred City Derby Girls.  Missing the mountains, she moved back to South Lake Tahoe and opened her own massage practice.  Like most of us, she coveted the almighty ski pass and was eager to jump on the part-time position offered to her at the KCP accounting offices, where she has worked under Suzanne Bennett for the past 4+ years.

With Covid-19 in effect and many things changing in our world, the KCA managers position became available and she was excited to be considered for it.  Taking on this new roll, she has decided to close her business, and is looking forward to this new chapter.  She says, “I don’t look at closing my business as a failure. I know how truly resilient any of us can be if we want to.  I have loved Kirkwood for many years, Covid-19 is only a small set back, and I truly look forward to exploring new possibilities, ideas and ways to benefit the community and the club.”  When given the chance, stop by and meet Holly, she will greet you with warmth and a smile, even if it’s under a mask.