All great places need a great team. KCA’s staff includes talented folks dedicated to maximizing the homeowner experience in Kirkwood.  The focus is to ensure great experiences that will create lasting memories and promote local community prosperity.

Natasha Buffo, Manager, KCA Recreation Center

In January of 2016, Natasha decided to move to Lake Tahoe, after spending months in rugged picturesque mountains like the Sierra Nevada, the Colorado Rockies and the many ranges of the South Island of New Zealand. She secured a room to rent, knew she wanted to snowboard, and otherwise had a completely blank page to fill with jobs, projects and friends.  Within a week, she was a Ticket Scanner at Kirkwood Mountain Resort, and fell in love with everything. Tahoe, and more specifically, Kirkwood, quickly became her new home, as she connected with more people who understood her new way of life and found challenges and success in her new career.

She was a member of the Tahoe Toastmasters Public Speaking Club for her first year in the area, which later helped land a job in Talent Development with Vail Resorts, teaching leadership courses. Next, she was approached to build a brand-new position from scratch as the Employee Events Coordinator for Kirkwood Mountain Resort, successfully reimagining the employee culture and experience over two winter seasons.

Before discovering her love for Tahoe and the ski industry, Natasha’s life was a bit different. She spent the first six years of her career as a Business Analyst for the Online Advertising industry, three of which were for  Google, Inc. in Silicon Valley. Eventually, in her heart, she knew she was living the wrong life, for her. She purged her belongings and resigned.  Over a year and a half span she wore many hats – solo camper, world traveler, backpacker, caregiver, griever, volunteer, and writer.  Overall, through the challenges and rewards of those experiences, she became stronger and more clear-headed, focusing on health and happiness above all else.

Throughout the year, Natasha’s main activity outside of her job is writing. She’s currently editing her memoir, has a website for essays, and delights in getting lost in a good book. During the summer, you will find her paddling her white and blue kayak on one of our alpine lakes, day-hiking, or packing up her beloved purple rucksack Petunia for a multi-night backpacking trip. In the winter months, you won’t be able to miss her in bright outfits and costumes, snowboarding at Kirkwood. Just this last season, she also fell in love with alpine skiing, and completed her AIARE I course.

Proud to have the opportunity to focus on another area of the Kirkwood community, she is looking forward to going on this new adventure with you all!